Building Ventilation: the State of the Art By Mat Santamouris and Peter Wouters free pdf download

Building Ventilation the State of the Art By Mat Santamouris and Peter Wouters.

Building Ventilation: the State of the Art By Mat Santamouris and Peter Wouters
1 Natural Ventilation in the Urban Environment 
2 Analytical Methods and Computing Tools for Ventilation 
3 Ductwork, Hygiene and Energy 
4 Building Air Tightness: Research and Practice 
5 Ventilation Performance Indicators and Targets 
6 Heat Recovery 
7 Hybrid Ventilation in Non-Residential Buildings 
8 Ventilation for Comfort and Cooling: The State of the Art
9 The Effect of Ventilation on Health and Other Human Responses 
10 Advanced Components for Ventilation 
11 Ventilation Standards and Regulations

The invention of boilers and chillers made total indoor climate control technologically possible regardless of outdoor conditions, building architecture and use. Buildings became, as Le Corbusier portended during the 1930s, of the same type: hermetically closed and controlled at a constant temperature in all climates (Mahdavi and Kumar, 1996). This energy-intensive solution is supported by the belief that maintaining constant conditions ensures comfort and satisfaction.

So ensuring optimum ventilation performance is a vital part of building design. Prepared by recognized experts from Europe and the US, and published in association with the International Energy Agency’s Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC), this authoritative work provides organized, classified and evaluated information on advances in the key areas of building ventilation, relevant to all building types. Complexities in airflow behaviour, climatic influences, occupancy patterns and pollutant emission characteristics make selecting the most appropriate ventilation strategy especially difficult. Recognizing such complexities, the editors bring together expertise on each key issue. From components to computer tools, this book offers detailed coverage on design, analysis and performance, and is an important and comprehensive publication in this field. Building Ventilation will be an invaluable reference for professionals in the building services industry, architects, researchers (including postgraduate students) studying building service engineering and HVAC, and anyone with a role in energy-efficient building design.

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Download Building Ventilation: the State of the Art By Mat Santamouris and Peter Wouters in free pdf format for free.

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