Beginning C# Game Programming by Ron Penton pdf download

Beginning C# Game Programming by Ron Penton pdf.

Beginning C# Game Programming by Ron Penton

Beginning C# Game Programming by Ron Penton.

Table of contents:
Part I: Learning C# 1
Chapter 1 The History of C# 
Chapter 2 The Basics 
Chapter 3 A Brief Introduction to Classes  
Chapter 4 Advanced C#  
Chapter 5 One More C# Chapter 

Part II: Game Programming in C# 121
Chapter 6 Setting Up a Framework 
Chapter 7 Direct3D 
Chapter 8 DirectInput 
Chapter 9 DirectSound  
Chapter 10 Putting Together a Game  

Part III: Appendixes  
Appendix A Answers to Review Questions  
Appendix B Setting Up DirectX and .NET 

Who This Book Is For?
This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to program in C# and DirectX 9. You are not required to have any knowledge of C# at all in order to read this book, but some programming background (in any language) would be helpful. 

Additionally, you don’t have to go out and buy any tools in order to dig into C# programming because everything you need to program in C# is available for free! Look into Appendix B for more information on getting set up to the program in C#. 

This book will not be a completely comprehensive guide to C#, DirectX, or game programming in general. It is simply intended to give you a jumpstart into the topic. It would be impossible to offer a complete guide to any of those topics in a book of this size (and it would be impossible to offer a complete guide to game programming in a book of any size), so I’ve gone through C# and DirectX and picked out the fundamental topics to cover, as well as other topics that are especially important to game programming.

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Download Beginning C# Game Programming by Ron Penton in free pdf format.

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