Beginning AngularJS by Andrew Grant

Beginning AngularJS 1st Edition by Andrew Grant pdf download.

Contents of Beginning AngularJS:
■Chapter 1: JavaScript You Need to Know
■Chapter 2: The Basics of AngularJS
■Chapter 3: Introduction to MVC
■Chapter 4: Filters and Modules
■Chapter 5: Directives
■Chapter 6: Working with
■Chapter 7: Services and Server Communication
■Chapter 8: Organizing Views
■Chapter 9: AngularJS Animation
■Chapter 10: Deployment Considerations

This book will teach you the absolute essentials, from downloading and installing AngularJS, to using modules, controllers, expressions, filters, and directives. Unlike many other books, you don’t need experience with AngularJS or deep JavaScript knowledge to get started here.

This book will begin by teaching you the JavaScript you need to know, and then you’ll get into the basics of AngularJS. You’ll learn powerful AngularJS techniques through clear instructions. With what you learn you’ll be able to properly structure your code into manageable modules, understand the MVC design patterns, create expressive and adaptive HTML forms, communicate with servers and use other AngularJS services, use the powerful built-in directives, and learn how to create your own. This might all seem unknown now, but with this book you’ll understand it all.

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