Basics Of MATLAB And Beyond PDF

Content of basics of matlab and beyond pdf

I Basics of MATLAB
1 First Steps in MATLAB
2 Typing into MATLAB
3 Matrices
4 Basic Graphics
5 More Matrix Algebra
6 Basic Data Analysis
7 Graphics of Functions of Two Variables
8 M-Files
9 Data Files
10 Directories
11 Startup
12 Using MATLAB on Different Platforms
13 Log Scales
14 Curve Fitting—Matrix Division
15 Missing Data
16 Polar Plots
17 Fourier Transform
18 Power Spectrum
19 Sounds in MATLAB
20 Time-Frequency Analysis
21 Line Animation
22 SPTool
23 Handle Graphics
23.1 Custom Plotting Functions
23.2 Set and Get
23.3 Graphical Object Hierarchy
24 Demos
25 Sparse Arrays
26 Text Strings
27 Cell Arrays
28 Structures
29 Multidimensional Arrays
30 Saving and Loading Data
31 Handle Graphics
32 Axes Effects
33 Text in Graphics
34 Graphical User Interfaces
35 Printing Graphics
36 Irregular Grids
37 Three-dimensional Modelling
38 MATLAB Programming
39 Answers to Exercises (Part I)
40 Answers to Exercises (Part II)

Basics Of MATLAB And Beyond book

This book arose from notes written for Matlab training courses run within the Australian Defense Science and Technology Organization. The book is in two parts. Each part was originally a two-day course, designed assuming that students were seated at a computer with matlab running.

Part 1 is an introductory course suitable for those with no experience at all with Matlab. It is written in a self-contained way; if you go through the notes, all the new commands and ideas are explained as they are introduced. Part 2 is a more advanced course suitable for those who are already familiar with the basics of Matlab.

It covers a variety of topics, some of which you may not be interested in; if so, you should be able to skip that section without detriment to other sections.

Download Basics of MATLAB And Beyond in free pdf format.

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