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Basics of Fluid Mechanics By Genick Bar-Meir. 
 By Genick Bar-Meir.
This book, Basics of Fluid Mechanics, describes the fundamentals of fluid mechanics phenomena for engineers and others. This book is designed to replace all introductory textbook(s) or instructor’s notes for the fluid mechanics in undergraduate classes for engineering/science students but also for technical peoples. It is hoped that the book could be used as a reference book for people who have at least some basics knowledge of science areas such as calculus, physics, etc. 
The structure of this book is such that many of the chapters could be usable independently. For example, if you need information about, say, statics’ equations, you can read just chapter (4). I hope this makes the book easier to use as a reference manual. However, this manuscript is first and foremost a textbook, and secondly a reference manual only as a lucky coincidence.
I have tried to describe why the theories are the way they are, rather than just listing “seven easy steps” for each task. This means that a lot of information is presented which is not necessary for everyone. These explanations have been marked as such and can be skipped.9 Reading everything will, naturally, increase your understanding of the many aspects of fluid mechanics. Many in the industry, have called and emailed this author with questions since this book is only source in the world of some information. These questions have lead to more information and further explantion that is not found anywhre else.
This book is written and maintained on a volunteer basis. Like all volunteer work, there is a limit on how much effort I was able to put into the book and its organization. Moreover, due to the fact that English is my third language and time limitations, the explanations are not as good as if I had a few years to perfect them. Nevertheless, I believe professionals working in many engineering fields will benefit from this information. This book contains many worked examples, which can be very useful for many. In fact, this book contains material that was not published anywhere else.
I have left some issues which have unsatisfactory explanations in the book, marked with a Mata mark. I hope to improve or to add to these areas in the near future. Furthermore, I hope that many others will participate of this project and will contribute to this book (even small contributions such as providing examples or editing mistakes are needed).
Naturally, this book contains material that never was published before (sorry cannot avoid it). This material never went through a close content review.  While close content peer review and publication in a professional publication is excellent idea in theory. 

Basics of Fluid Mechanics Genick Bar Meir By Genick Bar-Meir
Table Of Contents:
1 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 
2 Review of Thermodynamics 
3 Review of Mechanics
4 Fluids Statics 
5 Mass Conservation 
6 Momentum Conservation 
7 Energy Conservation 
8 Differential Analysis
9 Dimensional Analysis
10 Potential Flow 
11 Compressible Flow One Dimensional 
12 Compressible Flow 2–Dimensional
13 Multi–Phase Flow 
A. Mathematics For Fluid Mechanics
Book Details:
➤Author: Genick Bar-Meir 
Publisher: Orange Grove Texts Plus
ISBN-10: 161610094X
ISBN-13: 978-1616100940
Language: English
Size: 10.6 MB
Pages: 667
Format: PDF
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