Basic Mathematics for College Students PDF

Basic Mathematics for College Students

Preface of Basic Mathematics for College Students fourth edition.

Basic Mathematics for College Students, Fourth Edition, is more than a simple upgrade of the third edition. Substantial changes have been made to the worked example structure, the Study Sets, and the pedagogy. Throughout the revision process, our objective has been to ease teaching challenges and meet students’ educational needs.

Mathematics, for many of today’s developmental math students, is like a foreign language. They have difficulty translating the words, their meanings, and how they apply to problem solving. With these needs in mind (and as educational research suggests), our fundamental goal is to have students read, write, think, and speak using the language of mathematics. Instructional approaches that include vocabulary, practice, and well-defined pedagogy, along with an emphasis on reasoning, modeling, communication, and technology skills have been blended to address this need. The most common question that students ask as they watch their instructors solve problems and as they read the textbook is p Why? The new fourth edition addresses this question in a unique way.

Experience teaches us that it’s not enough to know how a problem is solved. Students gain a deeper understanding of algebraic concepts if they know why a particular approach is taken. This instructional truth was the motivation for adding a Strategy and Why explanation to the solution of each worked example. The fourth edition now provides, on a consistent basis, a concise answer to that all-important question: Why? These are just two of several reasons we trust that this revision will make this course a better experience for both instructors and students.

• New Chapter Openers
• New Worked Example Structure
• New Calculation Notes in Examples
• New Five-Step Problem-Solving Strategy
• New Study Skills Workshop Module
• New Language of Algebra, Success Tip,
and Caution Boxes
• New Chapter Objectives
• New Guided Practice and Try It Yourself
Sections in the Study Sets
• New Chapter Summary and Review
• New Study Skills Checklists

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