Basic Electrical Engineering by U.A.Bakshi PDF

Basic Electrical Engineering Book by U.A.Bakshi

The study of an electrical engineering involves the analysis of the energy transfer from one form to another or from one point to another. So before beginning the actual study of an electrical engineering, it is necessary to discuss the fundamental ideas about the basic elements of an electrical engineering like electromotive force, current, resistance etc. The electricity is related with number of other types of systems like mechanical, thermal etc. There involves the transfer of different forms of energy into electrical or otherwise. To analysis such transfer, it is necessary to revise the S.I. units of measurement of different quantities like work, power, energy etc. in various systems.

Basic Electrical Engineering by U.A.Bakshi PDF

Basic electrical engineering technical publications premier 12

This chapter explains the concept of basic electrical parameters along with the effect of temperature on resistance. The chapter involves the discussion of the characteristics of series and parallel circuits. At the end, the chapter includes the revision of units in different systems and their inter relations.

Content of Basic Electrical Engineering.

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Electricity.
Basic electrical terms
Chapter 2 D.C. Circuits
Chapter 3 Magnetic Circuits
Chapter 4 Electromagnetic Induction
Electrical Technology Books
Chapter 5 Electrostatics
Chapter 6 A.C Fundamentals
Chapter 7 Single Phase A.C Circuits
100 Safety Topics Book
Chapter 8 Polyphase A.C Circuits
Chapter 9 Single Phase Transformers
Chapter 10 Types of Transformers

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