Automotive Technology 4th Edition by James D. Halderman free pdf download

Automotive Technology 4th Edition by James D. Halderman.

Automotive Technology 4th Edition by James D. Halderman.
 Number of chapters increased from 103 to 130. 
 Many long chapters were split and content was reorganizedto make teaching and learning easier. 
 New chapters include:
 Chapter 17– Preventive Maintenance and Service Procedures
 Chapter 19– Diesel Engine Operation and Diagnosis
 Chapter 20– Coolant
 Chapter 22– Engine Oil
 Chapter 27– In-Vehicle Engine Service
 Chapter 36– Gaskets and Sealants
 Chapter 37– Engine Assembly and Dynamometer Testing
 Chapter 49– CAN and Network Communications
 Chapter 66– Gasoline
 Chapter 67– Alternative Fuels
 Chapter 68– Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels
 Chapter 79– Gasoline Direct Injection Systems
 Chapter 80– Electronic Throttle Control Systems
 Chapter 108– Electronic Stability Control Systems
 Chapter 110– Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
 Chapter 115– Electronic Suspension Systems
 Chapter 127– Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Principles
 Chapter 128– Hydraulic Components and Control Systems
 Chapter 129– Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Diagnosis and In-Vehicle Service
 Chapter 130– Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Unit Repair  Over 300 new color photos and line drawings. 

New design, showing major and minor headings, is clearer and makes it easier to grasp important information. 

ASE AND NATEF CORRELATED This comprehensive textbook is divided into sections that correspond to the eight areas of certifications as specified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). The areas of the ASE material certification test are listed in the objectives at the beginning of each chapter, and all laboratory worksheets are correlated to the NATEF Task List.

This book is accompanied by a full set of instructor and student supplements. Please see page v for a detailed list of supplements.

The primary focus of this textbook is to satisfy the need for problem diagnosis. Time and again, the author has heard that technicians need more training in diagnostic procedures and skill development. To meet this need and to help illustrate how real problems are solved, diagnostic stories are included throughout. Each new topic covers the parts involved as well as their purpose, function, and operation, and how to test and diagnose each system.
The following pages highlight the unique core features that set this book apart from other automotive textbooks. 

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Download Automotive Technology 4th Edition by James D. Halderman in free pdf download.

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