Automotive technician training : practical worksheets level 2 by Tom Denton pdf free download

Automotive technician training : practical worksheets level 2 by Tom Denton pdf.

Automotive technician training : practical worksheets level 2 by Tom Denton

Automotive technician training : practical worksheets level 2 by Tom Denton free pdf download.

The purpose of this worksheets book is to provide a range of practical activities that will enable you to develop your abilities as a technician. The tasks are aligned with recognized vocational qualifications. However, there are far more tasks within this workbook than are required by the awarding body for the achievement of a Vocationally Recognized Qualification – because the more you practise, the more skills you will develop. 

The worksheets are presented as three separate books at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 to follow the recognized qualifications. Within each level there are tasks for the major automotive areas: Engines, Chassis, Transmission and Electrical. The tasks range from component identification to removal and refit at Level 1 and 2, and diagnosis of complex system faults at Level 3. 

A blank job card and assessor report are provided with each worksheet. This should be copied and then filled in alongside the task you are completing, including all relevant details regarding the vehicle, the fault and the rectification procedure where appropriate. You should write down a description of the work that you did to complete the task including any technical data that you sourced, any difficulties that you encountered and how you overcame them. If you had any health and safety issues to address, i.e. disposal of waste materials or clearing up spillages, this will help demonstrate your competence. By completing job cards thoroughly at this stage of your career as a technician, you will be well prepared for the time when you are required to complete job cards in the workplace. This can be very important, for example, if a warranty job card is not accurate then the manufacturer will not pay for the claim. An example of a completed job card is shown on page 7. 

For teacher/lecturers, this work book more than covers the requirements for Vocational Qualifications. Using the following tracking document you can note progress and also cross-reference the highlighted worksheets that directly relate to the awarding body required practical tasks.

Automotive technician training : practical worksheets pdf.

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Download Automotive technician training : practical worksheets level 2 by Tom Denton in free pdf format.

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