Automotive Electrical Handbook by Jim Horner free pdf download

Automotive Electrical Handbook “HP 387″ by Jim Horner.

How to wire your car from scratch. Details basic electrical theory & troubleshooting. Race cars, kit cars, street rods, restorations & trailers. Tools & techniques. Gauges, lights, circuit breakers & more. 

Automotive Electrical Handbook by Jim Horner

1 Introduction
2 Electrical Theory
3 Charging System 
4 Electrical Paths 
5 Electrical Controls
6 Displays 
7 Electrical Loads
8 Supplies
9 Locating & Installing Components 
10 Designing & Drawing Circuit Diagrams
11 Making a Harness
12 Installing a Harness
13 Rewiring an Electrical System
14 Converting From 6 to 12 Volts 
15 Trailer Wiring 
16 Wiring a Race Car
Metric Conversion 
Chart Glossary 

Learn about basic electrical theory, how various electrical components work and drawing circuit diagrams. Includes tips on using electrical test equipment and troubleshooting electrical circuits.
Choose the right components, build your own wiring harness, and install them by following the step-by-step instructions. Profusely illustrated with over 350 photos, drawings, and diagrams. Suppliers list included.

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Download Automotive Electrical Handbook by Jim Horner in free pdf format.

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