AutoCAD Shop Drawings for A Fire Fighting Project free DWG

AutoCAD Shop Drawings for A Fire Fighting Project DWG

 This Drawing Shall Be Read in Conjunction with the Other Mechanical Services Drawings, Electrical Architectural.
 All Dimensions Are In Millimeter Unless Otherwise Noted.
 Fire Fighting Pipes Shall Be Black Steel Sch 40 As Pes Astm A53, Under Ground Pipes Shall Be Cpvc Sch 80 With Thrust Blocks As Per Nfpa.
 Sprinkler Locations Given, Are Subject to Changes Exact Location and Of Sprinkler to Be Determined During Shop Drawing & Final Reflected Ceiling and In Coordination with Other Provisions (Ductwork, Light Fixtures… Etc.)
 Hydrotest All Fire Water Piping System To 150% Of the Working Pressure.
 The Installation and Testing Procedure of the Fire Fighting Systems In This Drawing Shall Be In Accordance with Nfpa Latest Edition.
 The Piping Network Shall Be Installed So That the System May Be Drained.
 All Exposed Pipes Shall Be Properly Insulated According To Specified Insulating Material.
 All Pipe Sizes Are in Millimeter and Are for Internal Diameter of Pipe.
 The Pumps Motor Size to Be Verified and Adjusted, If Necessary, By Contractor Upon Final Selection Of Equipment, And Completion of Shop Drawings.

AutoCAD Shop Drawings for A Fire Fighting Project free DWG

 Provide Expansion Loop/ Connection Where Necessary.
 All Pipes Pass Thru Wall or Slab Shall Be Thru Pipe Sleeves.
 All Fire Fighting Pipes Shall Be Grounded Fire Hose Cabinet Drop Lines Location Shall Be Coordinated with Other Services at Site.
 All Embedded Pipelines Must Pass the Required Test Before Closing the Trench or Wall.
 All Fire Fighting Pipes Shall Be Paint with Two Layer of Epoxy and One Layer of Fire Fighting Pipes Red Color
 The Pipelines Should Be Supported in Proper Intervals to Avoid Stresses in The Pipelines.
 All Supports and Hangers to Be in Accordance with Nfpa 13.
 Sprinklers In Public and Common Areas with Finished Ceilings
 Rooms Shall Be Fully Recessed, Concealed Type with Factory Finished Cover Plates as Directed by Architect.

The following file is in DWG format (AutoCAD) download it now from our website. Feel free to discover more MEP Projects by searching about them in the search box.

AutoCAD Shop Drawings for A Fire Fighting Project free DWG Download

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