AutoCAD: Professional Tips and Techniques pdf

AutoCAD: Professional Tips and Techniques pdf download.

Chapter 1 Arranging the AutoCAD User Interface
Chapter 2 Drawing and Editing
Chapter 3 Annotation
Chapter 4 Layouts and Sheets
Chapter 5 Dynamic Blocks
Chapter 6 3D Modeling
Chapter 7 Visualization
Chapter 8 Sharing Data
Chapter 9 Plotting and Publishing
Chapter 10 Customization

Who Can Benefit from This Book
If you’re new to AutoCAD and still trying to figure out the basics, then put down this book and find a nice AutoCAD primer. You won’t be happy here. To truly benefit from this book, you need a sound understanding of AutoCAD, and you need to have mastered the basics. AutoCAD: Professional Tips and Techniques is intended to take you to the next level—to help you reach AutoCAD productivity heights you never imagined were possible! Anyone using an AutoCAD-based product such as AutoCAD LT, Architectural Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, or AutoCAD Map 3D can benefit from reading this book.

About This Book
Surveys show that the majority of AutoCAD users utilize, at most, 40 percent of what AutoCAD has to offer. What about that other 60 percent? Where can you find out about the other 60 percent? We’ve gathered the tricks of the trade from around the world and put them all in one convenient location. No more trolling through blogs and websites, scrounging for tips; you’ll find a treasure chest of proven tips and techniques right here. And we don’t expect you to digest all this information in one sitting—do yourself a huge favor, and read a little each day, whenever you find some time to add another cool technique to your AutoCAD repertoire. AutoCAD: Professional Tips and Techniques digs deeper than most AutoCAD books on the market. Rather than covering all things AutoCAD (which would require a book so long you’d never want to tackle it), we focus on those features we feel will give you the most bang for your buck. You probably don’t have lots of time to focus on improving your AutoCAD skills; you need to get right to the good stuff. You want to spend your valuable time reading about techniques that give you the largest productivity jolt possible. And because finding time to improve your skills is difficult at best, we suggest you put aside 15 minutes a day, crack open the book, and read one or two tips. Follow your reading with some hands-on practice, and you’ll be in better AutoCAD shape in no time (just like exercise, but without that pesky sweating). Although we did structure the book in logical order, there’s no need to go through it from start to finish. Feel free to begin with the chapters that seem the most valuable or interesting to you. We won’t tell your teacher you skipped around…

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