AutoCAD 2016 Beginning and Intermediate by Munir M. Hamad pdf download

AutoCAD 2016 Beginning and Intermediate by Munir M. Hamad. 
This is the most comprehensive book about AutoCAD 2016 – 2D  drafting on the market. It is divided into three major parts:
⏭ Essentials: from Chapter one to Chapter ten. It assumes that the reader has no previous experience in AutoCAD; hence it starts from scratch. Chapter ten contains three projects – one architectural, and two mechanical using both Imperial and metric units.
⏭ Intermediate: from Chapter 11 to Chapter 18. It contains a deeper discussion on a subject we touched on in the Essentials part, or a new advance feature.
⏭ Advanced: from Chapter 19 to Chapter 25. It discusses the most advanced features of AutoCAD 2016.
If you don’t have any prior experience in AutoCAD this book is a perfect start, and you can stop at the end of any part. But if you want to be a real power user of AutoCAD, you should go through all the 25 chapters, solving all projects and practices. This book is also a good source to prepare for the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam.
AutoCAD 2016 Beginning and Intermediate by Munir M. Hamad
The chapters are divided as follows:
Chapter (1) covers AutoCAD basics along with the interface
Chapter (2) covers AutoCAD techniques to draw with accuracy
Chapters (3 & 4) cover all modifying commands
Chapter (5) covers the AutoCAD method of organizing the drawing using layers and inquiry commands
Chapter (6) covers the methods of creating and editing blocks, and inserting and editing hatches
Chapter (7) covers AutoCAD methods of writing text
Chapter (8) covers how to create and edit dimensions in AutoCAD
Chapter (9) covers how to plot your drawing
Chapter (10) three projects, one architectural and two mechanical, covering both metric and imperial units
Chapter (11) covers the creation of more 2D objects
Chapters (12 & 13) cover advanced practices and techniques
Chapter (14) covers Block tools and Block Editing
Chapter (15) covers the creation of Text Style and Table Styles along with Formulas in tables
Chapter (16) covers the creation of Dimension Style & Multileader style plus adding multileaders
Chapter (17) covers the creation of Plot styles, the meaning of Annotative, and DWF creation
Chapter (18) covers how to create a template file and customize AutoCAD interface
Chapter (19) covers Parametric Constraints
Chapter (20) covers Dynamic Blocks
Chapter (21) covers Block Attributes
Chapter (22) covers External Reference
Chapter (23) covers Sheets Sets
Chapter (24) covers CAD Standards and advanced layer commands
Chapter (25) covers Drawing Review
⏭ Since its inception, AutoCAD has enjoyed a very large user base, which has made it the most used CAD software in the world.
⏭ AutoCAD is widespread due to its logic and simplicity, which makes it very easy to learn.
⏭ AutoCAD evolved through the years to become a comprehensive software application addressing all aspects of engineering drafting and designing.
⏭ This book addresses all levels of AutoCAD 2D drafting, Essentials, Intermediate, and Advanced, which makes it ideal for novice users, and for those seeking to be professional power users ready for  industry.
⏭ This book is not a replacement of AutoCAD manuals, but is considered to be a complementary source that includes hundreds of hands-on practices to strengthen the knowledge learned and solidify the techniques discussed.
⏭ At the end of each chapter, the reader will find “Chapter Review Questions” which are the same sort of questions you may see in the Autodesk certification exam; so the reader is invited to solve them all. Correct answers are at the end of each chapter.
⏭ Chapter 10 contains three projects: one is an architectural plan, presented in metric and imperial units. The other two projects are for mechanical engineering. One of them is thoroughly explained and the other is not! These two projects are also presented in both metric and imperial units.
Book Details:
Author: Munir M. Hamad 
Publisher: Mercury Learning and Information 
Publication Date: February 15, 2016
Language: English
Pages: 755
Size: 22.8
Format: Pdf
Download AutoCAD 2016 Beginning and Intermediate by Munir M. Hamad in pdf format for free.
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