Australian Guidebook for Structural Engineers: A guide to structural engineering on a multidiscipline project by Lonnie Pack pdf download

Australian Guidebook for Structural Engineers, a Guide to Structural Engineering on a Multidiscipline Project by Lonnie Pack pdf.

Australian Guidebook for Structural Engineers: A guide to structural engineering on a multidiscipline project by Lonnie Pack

Australian Guidebook for Structural Engineers: A guide to structural engineering on a multidiscipline project by Lonnie Pack.

This text aims to bridge the gap between Australian Standards, textbooks and industry knowledge. After years of work in the industry, many engineers will have created a library of calculations, specifications and standards that can be used to help complete projects. It is hoped that this compendium of resources helps to create a useful set of references that can aid engineers in the expedient delivery of design projects. Many examples and information in this document are drawn from the mining and oil and gas industries. 

A multidiscipline engineering project requires close and coordinated work between engineers and designers of the same and other disciplines. A clear scope and list of deliverables is imperative, along with a structured formwork of how to achieve the desired outcome. 

This book details each step of a project to be followed by a design engineer. The sequence of information is provided roughly in the order in which it is required. The creation of project documentation is outlined, including a scope, schedule and deliverables list. Calculation methods and details are shown for actions (wind, seismic, dead and live). Details are then provided for steel, concrete and geotechnical calculations. Design items are explained for typical items of equipment found in the mining and oil and gas industries. Design aids are provided, including guides and examples for popular engineering programs. Finally, vendor product catalogue references are provided for commonly used industry items. This ensures the suitability and availability of products. 

An appropriate example is for an engineer tasked with designing a concrete bund (pit) to capture any accidental spillage from a tank. The volume of a pit is sized using legislative and Australian Standards requirements for storage volumes (‘Storage and Handling of Workplace Dangerous Goods’, AS 1940: ‘The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids’ and AS 2067: ‘Substations and High Voltage Installations Exceeding 1 kV a.c.’). Liquid pressures (AS 3735: ‘Concrete Structures for Retaining Liquids’) and geotechnical pressures (AS 4678: ‘Earth Retaining Structures’) are calculated, along with many supplementary requirements. Additional loads are then calculated and combined in accordance with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1170: ‘Structural Design Actions’), and the strength of the wall is calculated in accordance with the concrete code (AS 3600: ‘Concrete Structures’). Typical details and vendor products are then commonly used to complete the design. 

The number of books and standards required to thoroughly complete a simple design can be daunting for many engineers. Necessary details and references required for designs, such as technical calculations, legislative requirements and vendor products, make designs like this difficult without extensive research. This often leads to designs which do not consider all necessary requirements. Details within this book are provided to an appropriate level for design engineers to understand the key aspects from each reference. Design items are explained with details presented from local and international standards, supplements and commentaries, common practices and available products. Australian Standards should be referred to in full prior to the completion of each design.

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Download Australian Guidebook for Structural Engineers: A guide to structural engineering on a multidiscipline project by Lonnie Pack in free pdf format.

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