Audel Welding Pocket Reference by James E. Brumbaugh and Rex Miller pdf download

Audel Welding Pocket Reference by James E. Brumbaugh and Rex Miller pdf.

Audel Welding Pocket Reference by James E. Brumbaugh and Rex Miller

Audel Welding Pocket Reference pdf.

1. Welding and Cutting Safety  
2. Oxyacetylene Welding  
3. Oxyacetylene Cutting  
4. Shielded Metal Arc Welding 
5. Arc Welding and Cutting  
6. Brazing and Braze Welding  
7. Soldering 
8. Identifying Metals 
9. Cast Iron 
10. Wrought Iron 
11. Carbon Steels
12. Alloy Steels
13. Reactive and Refractory Metals 
14. Galvanized Metals 
15. Soft Metals Welding 
16. Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys 
17. Lead, Tin and Zinc 
18. Hard Facing and Tool and Die Steels
19. Types of Joints 
20. Welding Positions 
21. Types of Welds 
22. Weld Terminology 
23. Welding Symbols 
24. Tips for Producing Good Welds

Audel’s Welding Pocket Reference is written for everyone who wants or needs to know about welding. Whether you are trying to construct a building, repair a railroad problem, or solder a tin can for a project, the rewards from a job well done are many. 

This book can be used by students in vocational courses, technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, and welding classes in industrial technology programs. The home do-ityourselfer will find answers to questions that pop up in the course of getting a job done, whether over a weekend or a longer period of time. The professional welder will find this to be a handy reference while working on a project in the field, and everyday welding problems can be handled easily with the aid of this book. 

The purpose of this book is to aid you in your everyday tasks and keep you updated with the latest facts, figures, and devices in this important trade. 

Many illustrations are included that show a variety of parts and techniques found in present-day practice in the field. Obviously, not all related problems can be presented here, and a worker needs a great deal of ingenuity on the job. For standard procedure, however, the Welding Pocket Reference does give a guide to which electrode numbers to use for particular metals, what welding tips to use, and other important facts and figures. This handbook should be kept in your pocket or toolbox for easy access.

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Download Audel Welding Pocket Reference by James E. Brumbaugh and Rex Miller in free pdf format.

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