Aspen Plus: Chemical Engineering Applications by Kamal I.M. Al-Malah pdf download

Aspen Plus®: Chemical Engineering Applications pdf.

Aspen Plus®: Chemical Engineering Applications.

Aspen Plus® is a process flowsheet simulator. A flowsheet simulator is a computer software that is used to quantitatively model a chemical processing plant. In general, a chemical processing plant is comprised of the core reactor unit and different additional unit operations, in the form of pre- and post-treatment steps, as well. 

In this regard, Aspen Plus is a very powerful tool that can be used to tackle different chemical process and unit operation calculation-based tasks, in the form of modeling, simulation, optimization, data regression, design specifications, sensitivity analysis, solids handling, dynamics and control, energy saving, safety compliance, and finally process economic analysis. 

The book comprises 18 chapters. Each chapter, except the last chapter, constitutes a running tutorial that mainly covers one or more of common unit operations or chemical processes found in chemical industries. Moreover, the book has end-of-chapter contextual problems. The last chapter contains comprehensive problems (or term projects) that require an extensive knowledge of Aspen Plus features and tools that are already explained in previous chapters. 

Overall, the book reflects the full-fledge nature of Aspen Plus implementation to versatile chemical process industries.

The goal of writing this book is to get you started using Aspen Plus® successfully and fast. I pinpoint the parts of Aspen Plus, which you need to know without overwhelming details. I do my best to avoid presenting cumbersome Aspen Plus features. In each chapter, I demonstrate an Aspen Plus-based, running tutorial that you can refer to when you are doing your own homework, classwork, term project, or even your own project. When you are done with this recipe textbook, you will be able to efficiently use Aspen Plus. You will also be ready to explore more of Aspen Plus features on your own. You might not be an Aspen Plus expert when you finish this textbook, but you will be prepared to become one – if that is what you like and persist to be. I hope you are probably more interested in being an expert at your own specialty, as a professional chemical engineer. This textbook is designed to help you become a proficient Aspen Plus user as quickly as possible and, toward the end of our virtual journey, you will be able to examine different profitability indices of an investment project related to chemical industries.

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Download Aspen Plus®: Chemical Engineering Applications in free pdf format.

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