Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) 1st edition pdf download

Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) 1st edition pdf.

Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) pdf.

➥ Chapter 1: Introducing Oracle APEX 
➥ Chapter 1: The Basics 
➥ Chapter 2: Arduino for Robotics 
➥ Chapter 3: Let’s Get Moving 
➥ Chapter 4: Linus the Line-Bot 
➥ Chapter 5: Wally the Wall-Bot
➥ Chapter 6: Making PCBs  
➥ Chapter 7: The Bug-Bot
➥ Chapter 8: Explorer-Bot 
➥ Chapter 9: RoboBoat 
➥ Chapter 10: Lawn-Bot 400  
➥ Chapter 11: The Seg-Bot
➥ Chapter 12: The Battle-Bot
➥ Chapter 13: Alternate Control 
This book was written for anyone interested in learning more about the Arduino and robotics in general. Though some projects are geared toward college students and adults, several early chapters cover robotics projects suitable for middle-school to high-school students. I will not, however, place an age restriction on the material in this book, since I have seen some absolutely awesome projects created by makers both young and old.

This book is awesome! It starts with the basics, leads you through soldering and circuit design, it then walks you through designing and printing your own circuit cards and etching them yourself! It covers many common robotic themes and walks you step by step building several. It gives you a good foundation for building your own H-Bridge motor driver circuits and great ways to get the most out of just about any electronic motor you can find. It also gives you some great code examples for properly managing your micro-controller logic to get the most out of your creations!

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Download Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) 1st edition in free pdf format.

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