Arduino Programming with .NET and Sketch 1st Edition by Agus Kurniawan free pdf download

Arduino Programming with .NET and Sketch by Agus Kurniawan pdf.

Arduino Programming with .NET and Sketch 1st Edition by Agus Kurniawan

Arduino Programming with .NET and Sketch 1st Edition by Agus Kurniawan pdf free download.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Arduino Boards and Development
Chapter 2: Interfacing .NET and Arduino 
Chapter 3: Sensing and Actuating
Chapter 4: Windows Remote Arduino
Chapter 5: Building Your Own loT Using Arduino and .NET

Introduction to Arduino Programming with .NET and Sketch 1st Edition by Agus Kurniawan pdf:
Arduino is a board development platform with which we can develop an embedded application with several sensor and actuator devices. Arduino is an open source-based hardware. There are many Arduino models that you can use to develop. This book is designed for developers (especially for .NET developers) that want to build Arduino programs for general and specific purposes.

For the Readers:
This book assumes you may have previous programming experience. The book is also written for someone who may have developed programs using .NET and wants to develop an embedded program with Arduino boards.

How This Book Is Organized:
This book is designed with a step-by-step approach. You will learn how to build Arduino programs using sketch and .NET, and explore Arduino capabilities such as digital and analog I/O processing, serial communication, SPI, and 12C bus.
You will find out how .NET collaborates with sketch programs on Arduino to control sensor and actuator devices remotely. The Internet of Things (IoT) topic is introduced, including its implementation. Finally, a cloud server is used to connect to the Arduino board.

Required Software, Materials, and Equipment:
In general, a computer with Windows OS Windows 10 installed is recommended. You should install Arduino software and Visual Studio on your computer You need several Arduino models to implement our demo. Furthermore, you should provide several sensor and actuator devices and several network modules such as WiFi, Bluetooh, GPS, and LoRa.

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Download Arduino Programming with .NET and Sketch 1st ed. Edition by Agus Kurniawan in free pdf format.

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