Arduino Made Simple With Interactive Projects by Ashwin Pajankar pdf downlod

Arduino Made Simple With Interactive Projects by Ashwin Pajankar .
The author is confident that the present work in form of this book will come as a relief to the students, makers, and professionals alike wishing to go through a comprehensive work explaining difficult concepts related to Arduino platform and ecosystem in the layman’s language. The book offers a variety of practical projects with  electronic components and sensors. Also, this is the one of the very first printed books on the Arduino platform which offers detailed instructions on setup of Arduino Tian.

This book promises to be a very good starting point for complete novice learners and is quiet an asset to advanced users too. The author has written the book so that the beginners will learn the concepts in a step-by-step approach.

Though this book is not written according to syllabus of any University, students pursuing science and engineering degrees (B.E./ B. Tech /B.Sc./ M.E./ M. Tech./M.Sc.) in Computer Science,  Electronics, Instrumentation,  Telecommunications and Electrical will find this book immensely beneficial and helpful for their projects and practical work. Software and I.T. Professionals who are beginning to learn microcontrollers or want to switch their careers to IoT (Internet of Things) will also benefit from this book.

 It is said “To err is human, to forgive divine”. In this light the author wishes that the shortcomings of the book will be forgiven. At the same time, the author is open to any kind of constructive criticisms, feedback, corrections, and suggestions for further improvement. All intelligent suggestions are welcome and the author will try his best to incorporate such in valuable suggestions in the subsequent  editions of this book.
“Ashwin Pajankar”

Arduino Made Simple With Interactive Projects by Ashwin Pajankar pdf downlod

Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Arduino
Chapter 2: Getting Started 
Chapter 3: Writing Programs for Arduino 
Chapter 4: LED Programming 
Chapter 5: Programming with Push Buttons
Chapter 6: Analog Inputs and Various Buses 
Chapter 7: Working With Displays
Chapter 8: Arrays, strings, and memory 
Chapter 9: Working with Sound and Sensors 
Chapter 10: More Sensors 
Chapter 11: Arduino PWM 
Chapter 12: Matrix Keypad And Security System 
Chapter 13: SD Card Module, IR Receiver, and Relay 
Chapter 14: Arduino Nano and Arduino Tian

Arduino Made Simple by Ashwin Pajankar With Interactive Projects.
Book Details:

Edition: 1st edition 
Copyright: BPB Publications, INDIA
ISBN: 978-93-86551-81-8
Publication Date: June 1, 2018
Author: Ashwin Pajankar
Language: English
Size: 12.5 MB 
Pages: 190
Format: PDF
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