Architecture in Detail II by Graham Bizley PDF

Architecture in Detail II by Graham Bizley PDF

Preface to Architecture in Detail II by Graham Bizley book.

Since April 2004 working details from contemporary building projects have been published in Building Design. This book collates 35 of these studies as a continuation of the series begun by Architecture in Detail. In 2006, The Concrete Centre also began commissioning working detail features for their journal Concrete Quarterly, which promotes innovative use of concrete in construction. Five of these are included in this volume. In response to feedback received from the first book, the projects have been classified according to the type of building. There is also an index matrix at the back so the projects can be searched by criteria such as structural system, budget or whether work to a listed building was involved.

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The purpose of the details is not to provide ready-made solutions but to add to the resource base and stimulate thought. There are aspects of them all that can be criticized. Although the principles applied in solving different problems may be similar, the final details are always specific to the conditions of the particular situation. The projects are presented here in the belief that, by offering a tentative, analogous solution that can then be criticized, we gain insight into our own problem and find fresh strands of thought to follow.

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The book is organized by building type for quick and easy reference.

  • Accessible and diverse range of 40 detailing case studies from the UK, on big and small architectural projects
  • Presents Graham Bizley’s concise and easy to understand drawings of detail in total clarity to consider for design solutions
  • Up to date UK projects from 2008 and 2009

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