Alternators, Starters, Generators & Motors

Alternators, Starters, Generators & Motors pdf download.

• 100% New
• OE performance output curve
• OE interchangeable components. CS130 design is officially licensed & manufactured with Remy’s patent protected technology
• WAI-Transpo premium rectifier featuring press-fit avalanche diodes
• WAI-Transpo heavy duty ASVR regulator featuring high-temp reliability & increased field life
• Premium, hi-temperature WBD bearings.
CS130 series features large 6303 D.E. bearing; extra wide 62000 S.R.E. bearing.
• Hi-temperature Class-H Windings
• Precision CNC Machined Castings

• 100% New
• OE performance torque & output
• OE interchangeable components, officially licensed & manufactured with Remy’s patent-protected technology
• Hi-performance rare earth magnets are completely sealed from moisture & contaminants
• Field case assys. are 100% tested on a computerized gaussmeter to measure magnet strength & position.
• Zinc plated field case, solenoid, C.E.
cover & hardware
• Armatures are precision balanced & feature banded hairpins
• Commutators are stake-welded & polished for longer brush life
• Carbon brushes are welded – same as OE
• Starter, drive & solenoid are endurance tested

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