Alternating Current Fundamentals Eighth Edition by Stephen L. Herman pdf Download

Alternating Current Fundamentals Eighth Edition by Stephen L. Herman.
ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, 8E, an industrial standard for over thirty years, has been updated to provide your students with the most current information available on the essentials of alternating current. The topics in this book are arranged to build your student’s knowledge, progressing from basic principles such as the differences between peak, rms, and average values to more complex coverage of circuits containing resistance, inductance, and capacitance. This edition of ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, 8E includes additional information on diodes and rectifiers and contains improved graphics that will assist your students in understanding state-of-the-art concepts.

More Details:
The eighth edition of Alternating Current Fundamentals remains a leader in textbooks that provide the information needed for technicians in the electrical eld.

Current Fundamentals Eighth Edition begins with an introduction to alternating current and compares it to direct current. AC voltage, frequency, wave forms, and the dierences between peak, RMS, and average values are discussed.

Alternating Current Fundamentals Eighth Edition contains information on single phase and threephase transformers.

This coverage includes examples of how to calculate values of voltage, current, and turns for dierent types of transformers. Alternators, threephase motors, and single-phase motors are also covered.

Alternating Current Fundamentals Eighth Edition by Stephen L. Herman pdf Download

New To This Edition:
• Improved graphics.
• Determining the values of dierent types of capacitors.
• Expanded coverage on single-phase motors.
• Expanded coverage on three-phase motors.
•This text contains information about power factor correction.
• A Green Technology Icon within the text indicates new information about “Green Technology”
relating to conservation and energy eciency.

Features To This Edition:
• Unit presentations created in PowerPoint: These slides provide the basis for a lecture outline that
helps you to present concepts and material.
• An Instructor Manual as a PDF le that contains answers to the end of unit Achievement Review
questions and answers to the practice problems.
• Twenty-four customizable topical support slide presentations in PowerPoint format focus on key
topic areas for electricity and electric motor control; these can also include video clips, animations,
and photos.
• Test questions: More than 200 questions of varying levels of diculty are provided in true/false and multiple choice formats.
“These questions can be used to assess student comprehension or can be made available to the student for self-evaluation”.

Alternating Current Fundamentals pdf.

See What Are They Saying About This Book….
The text was recommended for a Contracting Licensing Exam and it is right on, All pertinent topics are covered thoroughly and I’m looking forward to taking my exam.

This is a book needed for my class and I am still using it.

Excellent book. Great condition.

This book has a lot of great study guides in it as it is filled with knowledge of the subject at hand!

If you are an electrical engineering student or planning to do it and you want to build a foundation in ee this is the book for you, Its explanation of inductance,capacitance,3 phase supply,induction and synch motor is simply fantastic.

Alternating Current Fundamentals 8th Edition.

Book Details:

Book Title: Alternating Current Fundamentals
Edition: 8th edition 
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Puplication Date: January 1, 2011
Author: Stephen L. Herman
Language: English
Pages: 747
Size: 14.2 MB
Format: PDF

Download Alternating Current Fundamentals 8th Edition by Stephen L. Herman in PDF format for free.

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