Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Seventh Edition PDF

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Seventh Edition PDF

Content of Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Seventh Edition

  1. Hazardous Materials and Safety Practices
  2. Aircraft Structures
  3. Fabrication and Repair of Wood Structures
  4. Fabric Coverings
  5. Aircraft Painting and Markings
  6. Welded Aircraft Structures and Repair
  7. Sheet-Metal Construction
  8. Sheet-Metal Inspection and Repair
  9. Plastics
  10. Advanced Composite Materials
  11. Assembly and Rigging
  12. Aircraft Fluid Power Systems
  13. Aircraft Landing-Gear Systems
  14. Aircraft Fuel Systems
  15. Environmental Systems
  16. Aircraft Instruments and Instrument Systemsments
  17. Auxiliary Systems
  18. Troubleshooting Theory and Practice

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In preparing this edition, the authors reviewed FAR Parts 65 and 147, FAA-H8083-30 & 31, AC 43.13-1B & 2B, and manufacturers and operators’ manuals and data to ensure that all required areas of study were included. This revised edition updates material from the previous edition relating to aircraft structures and systems on current operational aircraft. Figures, charts, and photos have been updated to reflect new technology. The advanced composite materials chapter has been completely rewritten to reflect state-of-the-art maintenance and repair information and techniques for advanced composite structures used in modern aircraft. Advanced automated systems such as ECAM and EICAS are discussed in most chapters to reflect their operation relative to particular aircraft systems. The structures chapter has been expanded with multiple examples for the calculation of bend allowance and the setup of shop equipment. The hydraulics chapter has been expanded to include the 5000-psi hydraulic systems used in some new aircraft models. A discussion of a centralized fault display system (CFDS) has been added to the troubleshooting chapter.

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