Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Second Edition by P.C. Varghese pdf download

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Second Edition by P C Varghese.
Chapter 1 Deflection of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs
Chapter 2 Estimation of Crackwidth in Reinforced Concrete Members 
Chapter 3 Redistribution of Moments in Reinforced Concrete Beams
Chapter 4 Design of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
Chapter 5 Design of Ribbed (Voided) Slabs
Chapter 6 Approximate Analysis of Grid Floors
Chapter 7 Design Loads Other Than Earthquake Loads
Chapter 8 Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frames For Vertical Loads by Using Substitute Frames
Chapter 9 Analysis of Frames under Horizontal Loads
Chapter 10 Preliminary Design of Flat Slabs
Chapter 11 Design of Two-way Slabs by Direct Design Method 
Chapter 12 Shear in Flat Slabs and Flat Plates
Chapter 13 Equivalent Frame Analysis of Flat Slabs
Chapter 14 Design of Spandrel (or Edge) Beams
Chapter 15 Provision of Ties in Reinforced Concrete Slab-Frame System
Chapter 16 Design of Reinforced Concrete Members for Fire Resistance
Chapter 17 Design of Plain Concrete Walls
Chapter 18 Earthquake Forces and Structural Response of Framed Buildings
Chapter 19 Design of Shear Walls
Chapter 20 Design Of Cast in site Deams-column joints
Chapter 21 Ductile Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Frames for Seismic Forces
Chapter 22 Inelastic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Frames
Chapter 23 Strip Method of Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs
Chapter 24 Durability and Mix Design of Concrete
Chapter 25 Quality Control of Concrete in Construction
hapter 26 Design of Structures for Storage of Liquids
Chapter 27 Historical Development of Reinforced Concrete
Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Second Edition by P.C. Varghese
Preface: It is indeed gratifying to know that the first edition of this book has been found useful by students, teachers and practising engineers. This has encouraged me to update this book with reference to the very important and currently significant topic of earthquake resistant design of reinforced framed structures.
t publication of this book in 2001, the Indian Standard 1893 (1984) Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures have been revised and published by the Bureau of Indian Standards as IS 1893 (2002), Fifth Revision. This has made it necessary to completely revise Chapter 18 of the first edition to comply with the revised code. This opportunity was taken to review also Chapters 19 and 21 which also deal with earthquake design. A number of minor omissions and errors which had crept into the first edition of the book have also been corrected.
A summary of elementary design of reinforced concrete members has also been added in this edition as Appendix C for a quick evaluation of the approximate quantities of steel required in ordinary buildings. I am sure that this addition will be very useful to structural designers to rapidly check the results of their design calculations and arrive at a quick decision of the necessary steel reinforcements to be used in the construction of reinforced concrete members of ordinary buildings.
I hope that this book will continue to be useful for all those interested in reinforced concrete design.
Preface to the First Edition: This text is the outgrowth of the lectures I have delivered to the postgraduate students in forced concrete design. It is a sequel to my first book Limir State Design of Reinforced Concrete which has been well received by students, teachers and professionals alike land is now in its Second Edition). These two books together explain the provisions of IS 456 (2000). Besides, the text analyzes the procedures specified in many other BIs codes such as those on winds, earthquakes, and ductile detailing The book also discusses such modern topics as design of shear walls, design of beam column joints, and inelastic analysis of reinforced concrete. An analysis of these topics is so necessary because, during the last two decades, considerable advances have taken place in the theory of design of reinforced concrete members which form the building blocks for design all specialized reinforced concrete structures, for instance, tall buildings, bridges, and chimneys. Even though a number of textbooks on advanced reinforced concrete dealing in detail with specialized structures like bridges are available in India, hardly any book, covering the fundamentals of the modern advancements in the theory of reinforced concrete design, can be found. This text strives to address this need.
The book is lecture-based, with each chapter discussing only one topic, and an indepth coverage being given to the fundamentals. Such treatment has been found most suitable for self-study and class-room teaching.
Since the book is also addressed to the practising engineers, often the topics have been discussed in greater detail than found necessary for the students. For example, the chapters on deep beams and flat slabs give more information than is covered in IS 456 (2000). Teachers are urged to orient their courses accordingly. They may restrict their lectures to the necessary fundamentals as required by the prescribed course (emphasis added). But I do believe that the practising engineers will find the detailed analysis very useful.
The book has a number of distinguishing features. Codes of other countries, specially of USA and UK, have been presented and compared with the Indian code to explain the fundamentals and expose the reader to international practices. Also, a large number of worked out examples have been provided to illustrate the theory and to demonstrate their use in practical designs. Finally, a number of typical detailing of reinforced concrete members have been included, which will be found useful in field applications.
I fervently hope that both students and professionals will find the text stimulating and useful. Any constructive suggestions for improving the contents will be warmly appreciated.
Book Details:
⏩Edition: 2nd Revised edition
Author: P. C. Varghese
Publisher: PHI (April 7, 2010)
Publication Date: April 7, 2010
Language: English
Pages: 283
Size: 11.1
Format: PDF
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