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By “Ibrahim Dincer and Calin Zamfirescu”
Energy has been a critical issue for humankind over the centuries, and it has shaped the past,is shaping the present, and will definitely shape the future. Our existence depends essentially on it and the way we generate, convert, transform, transport, and utilize it. The picture has become even more complicated with environmental consequences  and sustainability issues. When we look at the dimensions of energy, power generation stands out  as the most crucial commodity and is the main drive behind the economies.

Due to increasing energy, environmental, and sustainability issues, we need to go beyond conventional practices and hence conventional power production technologies, systems, and applications. It has become a kind of ultimate target to make power generation systems more efficient, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly and to develop potential options to fulfill these requirements. This book offers a unique coverage of the conventional and novel power  generating systems in a harmonized manner with renewables and  includes our recent developments on system integration and multigeneration. It is expected to serve the power generation community by providing comprehensive tools for system design, analysis, assessment, and improvement.

Being a relatively new, the emerging technology of power generation  using advanced thermodynamic cycles is found as subject matter   scattered in specialized research journals and a few books, written at an advanced level and devoted exclusively to particular multiple output thermodynamic cycles. There is a scarcity of publications that introduce all these cycles for power generation in a single volume to a beginner. Therefore, the proposed book will fill the void of a much needed and relatively inexpensive textbook at the post-graduate level in the area of power generation. While teaching a particular course on power generation cycles to post-graduate engineering students, the authors themselves felt this need, which inspired them to write the proposed book.

This book is essentially intended to serve a research-oriented  textbook with a comprehensive coverage of fundamentals and main
concepts, which can be used for system design, analysis,  assessment, and improvement, and it therefore includes practical features in a usable format often not included in other solely academic textbooks. There is also room for this book to be used by senior undergraduate and graduate students in mainstream engineering fields (such as mechanical and electrical engineering) and new engineering programs on energy and/ or power. Due to its extensive coverage it can also serve as a primary reference book for practicing engineers and researchers.

Advanced Power Generation Systems by Ibrahim Dincer and Calin Zamfirescu

The book consists of ten chapters which nicely amalgamate all power-related aspects, ranging from basic fundamentals to novel power generating systems, by considering efficiency, environment, and sustainability issues. The introductory chapter addresses general concepts, fundamental principles, and basic aspects of  thermodynamics, energy, entropy, and exergy. These topics are covered in a broad manner, so as to furnish the reader with the background information necessary for subsequent chapters. 

Chapter 2 provides detailed information on energy, environment, and sustainable development, while Chapter 3 focuses on traditional fossil fuels and potential alternative fuels or fuel sources. Chapter 4 gives a distinct coverage on hydrogen and fuel cells and their systems for power generation. Chapter 5 dwells on conventional power generating systems and their design, analysis, assessment, and improvement. Chapter 6 is about nuclear power for power production with a comparative analysis and assessment, while Chapter 7 takes a comprehensive focus on renewable energy-based systems and  applications for power production. Chapter 8 offers advanced power generating systems with illustrative examples and case studies. Chapter 9 delves into integrated  multigeneration systems for power production, and Chapter 10 makes a good close with descriptions of novel power generating systems from our own works and some literature studies. Incorporated throughout are many illustrative examples and case studies, which provide the reader with a substantial learning experience, especially in areas of practical application. Complete references are included to point the truly curious reader in the right direction. Information on topics not covered fully in the text can, therefore, be easily found.

Ibrahim Dincer and Calin Zamfirescu
Oshawa, June 2014

Advanced Power Generation Systems by Ibrahim Dincer and Calin Zamfirescu.

Book Details:
⏩Edition: 1th Edition
⏩Authors: Ibrahim Dincer and Calin Zamfirescu
⏩Puplisher: Elsevier 
⏩Puplication Date: July 15, 2014
⏩Language: English
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⏩Pages: 643

⏩Format: PDF

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