Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis Second edition by Tom Denton free pdf download

Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis Second edition by Tom Denton.

Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis Second edition by Tom Denton

1 Introduction
2 Diagnostic techniques
3 Tools and equipment 
4 Oscilloscope diagnostics
5 On-board diagnostics 
6 Sensors and actuators 
7 Engine systems
8 Chassis systems 
9 Electrical systems 
10 Transmission systems 
11 Conclusion, web resources and developments
The aspect I still enjoy most about working on vehicles is being able to diagnose a fault that has beaten others! This skill takes a few years to develop but it is worth the effort. Diagnostic work is much like that of a detective solving a difficult crime, all the clues are usually there – if you know where to look. I think it was Sherlock Holmes (a fictional detective if you have never heard of him!) who said:
When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. This is a great thought for a diagnostic technician to keep in mind.

To help you learn ‘where to look’ for the clues and to eliminate the impossible, this book combines some aspects of automotive technology covered in my other books. However, it goes much further with a new approach to the art of diagnostics as a science. The skills needed to be a good diagnostic technician are many and varied. For one job you may need to listen to a rumbling noise as the car corners, for another you may need to interpret an oscilloscope waveform or a diagnostic trouble code.

Vehicles continue to become more complicated, particularly in the area of electronics. The need for technicians with good diagnostic skills therefore remains. This could be you and you should be paid well!

Look on the bright side of having complicated technology on vehicles – fewer ‘home mechanics’ and more work for you and me! Tom Denton

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Download Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis Second edition by Tom Denton in free pdf format.

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