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Preface to the Fourteenth Edition:
We feel satisfied in presenting the new edition of this popular  treatise. The favourable and warm reception which the previous editions and reprints of this book have enjoyed all over India and abroad, is a matter of great satisfaction for us. 

The present multicolour edition has been thoroughly revised and brought up-to-date. Multicolour pictures have been added to enhance the content value and to give the students an idea of what he will be dealing in reality, and to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This book has already been included in the ‘Suggested Reading’ for the A.M.I.E. (India) examinations. The mistakes  which had crept in, have been eliminated. We wish to express our
sincere thanks to numerous professors and students, both at home and abroad, for sending their valuable suggestions and  recommending the book to their students and friends. We hope, that they will continue to patronise this book in the future also.

Our grateful thanks are due to the Editorial staff of S. Chand &  Company Ltd., especially to Mr. E.J. Jawahardatham and Mr.  Rupesh Gupta, for their help in conversion of the book into  multicolour edition and Mr. Pradeep Kr. Joshi for Designing & Layouting of this book. 

Any errors, omissions and suggestions, for the improvement of this volume brought to our notice, will be thankfully acknowledged and incorporated in the next edition.

A Textbook of Machine Design by R.S. Khurmi  and J.K. Gupta

Preface to the First Edition:
We take an opportunity to present this standard treatise entitled as ‘A TEXTBOOK OF MACHINE DESIGN’ to the students of  Degree, Diploma and A.M.I.E. (India) classes in M.K.S. and S.I. units. The objective of this book is to present the subject matter in a most concise, compact, to the point and lucid manner.

While writing the book, we have continuously kept in mind the examination requirement of the students preparing for U.P.S.C. (Engg. Services) and A.M.I.E. (India) examinations. In order to make this volume more useful for them, complete solutions of their examination papers upto 1977 have also been included. Every care has been taken to make this treatise as self-explanatory as possible. The subject matter has been amply illustrated by incorporating a good number of solved, unsolved and well graded examples of almost every variety. Most of these examples are taken from the recent examination papers of Indian and foreign universities as well as professional examining bodies, to make the students familiar with the type of questions, usually, set in their examinations. At the end of each chapter, a few exercises have been added for the students to solve them independently. Answers to these problems have been provided, but it is too much to hope that these are entirely free from errors. In short, it is earnestly hoped that the book will earn appreciation of all the teachers and students alike.

Although every care has been taken to check mistakes and  misprints, yet it is difficult to claim perfection. Any errors, omissions and  suggestions for the improvement of this treatise, brought to our notice, will be thankfully acknowledged and incorporated in the next edition.

Table Of Content:
1. Introduction 
2. Engineering Materials and Their Properties
3. Manufacturing Considerations in Machine Design
4. Simple Stresses in Machine Parts
5. Torsional and Bending Stresses in Machine Parts 
6. Variable Stresses in Machine Parts
7.  Pressure Vessels
8. Pipes and Pipe Joints 
9. Riveted Joints 
10. Welded Joints
11. Screwed Joints
12. Cotter and Knuckle Joints 
13. Keys and Coupling 
14. Shafts 
15. Levers 
16. Columns and Struts 
17. Power Screws
18. Flat Belt Drives
19. Flat Belt Pulleys
20. V-Belt and Rope Drives 
21. Chain Drives 
22. Flywheel 
23. Springs
24. Clutchces
25. Brakes 
26. Sliding Contact Bearings
27. Rolling Contact Bearings
28. Spur Gears 
29. Helical Gears
30. Bevel Gears
31. Worm Gears 
32. Internal Combustion Engine Parts

A TextBook of Machine Design (S.I. Units) R.S. Khurmi – J.K. Gupta.

Book Details:
Edition: 14th edition
Authors: R.S. KHURMI and J.K. GUPTA
Puplisher: S Chand & Co Ltd
Puplication Date: July 3, 2005
Language: English
Pages: 1252
Size: 21.2 MB
Format: PDF

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