A Text Book Of Engineering Mechanics by R.S. KHURMI pdf free download

A Text book of Engineering Mechanics by R.S. KHURMI pdf.

A Text Book Of Engineering Mechanics by R.S. KHURMI

A Text book of Engineering Mechanics by R.S. KHURMI pdf.

I take an opportunity to present this standard treatise entitled as A TEXTBOOK of APPLIED MECHANICS to the Students of Degree, Diploma and A.M.I.E. (I) classes. This object of this book is to present the subject matter in a most concise, compact, to-the-point and lucid manner. 

While writing this book, I have constantly kept in mind the requirements of all the students regarding the latest as well as the changing trends of their examination. To make it more useful, at all levels, the book has been written in an easy style. All along the approach to the subject matter, every care has been taken to arrange matter from simpler to harder, known to unknown with full details and illustrations. A large number of worked examples, mostly examination questions of Indian as well as foreign universities and professional examining bodies, have been given and graded in a systematic manner and logical sequence, to assist the students to understand the text of the subject. At the end of each chapter, a few exercises have been added, for the students, to solve them independently. Answers to these problems have been provided, but it is too much to hope that these are entirely free from errors. In short, it is expected that the book will embrace the requirements of the students, for which it has been designed. 

Although every care has been taken to check mistakes and misprints, yet it is difficult to claim perfection. Any error, omission and suggestion for the improvement of this volume, brought to my notice, will be thankfully acknowledged and incorporated in the next edition. Feb. 24, 1967 R.S. Khurmi

1. Introduction  
2. Composition and Resolution of Forces  
3. Moments and Their Applications 
4. Parallel Forces and Couples  
5. Equilibrium of Forces 
6. Centre of Gravity  
7. Moment of Inertia  
8. Principles of Friction  
9. Applications of Friction  
10. Principles of Lifting Machines  
11. Simple Lifting Machines  
12. Support Reactions  
13. Analysis of Perfect Frames (Analytical Method)
14. Analysis of Perfect Frames (Graphical Method)
15. Equilibrium of Strings 
17. Linear Motion 
18. Motion Under Variable Acceleration
19. Relative Velocity 
20. Projectiles 
21. Motion of Rotation 
22. Combined Motion of Rotation and Translation
23. Simple Harmonic Motion
24. Laws of Motion 
25. Motion of Connected Bodies 
26. Helical Springs and Pendulums 
27. Collision of Elastic Bodies 
28. Motion Along a Circular Path 
29. Balancing of Rotating Masses
30. Work, Power and Energy 
31. Kinetics of Motion of Rotation 
32. Motion of Vehicles 
33. Transmission of Power by Belts and Ropes 
34. Transmission of Power by Gear Trains 
35. Hydrostatics 
36. Equilibrium of Floating Bodies 

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Download A Text book of Engineering Mechanics by R.S. KHURMI in free pdf format.
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