110 Electronic Alarm Projects For The Home Constructor PDF

110 Electronic Alarm Projects For The Home Constructor PDF

Preface to 110 Electronic Alarm Projects For The Home Constructor PDF.

Electronic alarms have a multitude of applications in the home, in industry, and in the car. They can be designed to be activated by physical contact or the proximity of a body, or by variations in light and heat levels, or by variations in voltage, current, resistance or some other electrical property. They may be designed to give high-level audible outputs, as in the case of burglar alarms, or low-level visual outputs, as in the case of instrumentation alarms. One hundred and ten useful alarm circuits, of a variety of types, are shown in this volume. The operating principle of each circuit is explained in concise but comprehensive terms, and brief constructional notes are given where necessary.

The volume is divided into seven chapters. The first five are devoted to alarm circuits that can be used in the home and in industry, including contact-operated alarms, burglar alarms, temperature alarms, light sensitive alarms, proximity and touch alarms, power-failure alarms, and sound and vibration alarms. Chapter six is devoted to automobile alarm circuits, and gives details of immobilisers and anti-theft alarms, icehazard alarms, overheat alarms, and low-fuel-level alarms. The final chapter is devoted to instrumentation alarm circuits, and shows alarms that can be activated by a.c. or d.c. currents or voltages or by resistance. The circuits will be of equal interest to the electronics amateur, student and engineer.

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All the circuits described have been designed, built and fully evaluated by the author. They are designed around a variety of types of readily available semiconductor devices of American manufacture. Most of the circuits are designed around standard bipolar transistors, or an 8-pin dual-in-line type 741 operational amplifier, or a type CD4001 quad 2-input COS/MOS NOR gate digital IC. Some circuits have an SCR output stage, and are intended to activate an alarm bell or buzzer directly. In this latter case, the SCR is a type C106Y1 or equivalent, and is intended to be used in conjunction with a self-interrupting bell or buzzer with a mean current rating of less than 2 A and a voltage rating that is 1.5 V less than that of the circuit’s power supply.

The outlines and pin connections of all semiconductors mentioned in the volume are given in the Appendix, as an aid to construction. Unless otherwise stated, all resistors used in the circuits are standard half-watt types.

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