100 Complete Construction House Plans pdf

100 Complete Construction House Plans

PDF Free Download | 100 Complete Construction House Plans

I have put together 100 house plans that I have drawn over the last ten years and I am making them available to you at an incredible savings. I charged at least $700 to draw each of these plans. That makes this package worth over $70,000.

Principles of Building Planning
These principles are not as rigid as laws of nature, certain deviations from these principles are necessary and inadequacies in them are to be met with by an individual.

Building plans are the set of drawings which consists of floor plan, site plan, cross sections, elevations, electrical, plumbing and landscape drawings for the ease of construction at site. Drawings are the medium of passing the views and concepts of an architect or designer into reality.

Floor Plan Features:

A floor plan is very much like a map, with lengths and widths, sizes and scales of how far apart things are. Walls, doorways, and windows are usually drawn to scale, meaning proportions are somewhat accurate even if a scale designation (such as 1 inch=1 foot) is not indicated. Built-in furniture and equipment like bathtubs, sinks, and closets are often showcased in floor plans of a house; Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright drew built-in seating and bookcases in the inglenook.

100 Complete Construction House Plans pdf download.

Basic principles of building planning

Furniture Requirements
Practical Consideration

Download 100 Complete Construction House Plans in free pdf format.

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